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Types of Team Building activities - a review - Purple Monster





Existing companies doing similar work PDF   Curriculum -Teamwork PDF
Conversation with students PDF      
How Skills are shifting by Industry PDF   Program-Plan- web page PDF
The Skills companies need PDF   Collaboration ‚ĶIntroducing DeBono 6 hats PDF
Syllabus- 4week PDF      
16-week-training schedule PDF      
List-organizations-evaluate PDF      
Web-pages-evaluate PDF      

























Articles about Workplace Skills:
Quick guide to teaching workplace skills Realcare-curriculum-employment-skills
Mid-career life skills Hand-book-career-guides
SoftSkills-give-workers-big-edge JPMorgan New-skills
Skill gap & how to address it ... McKinsey The growing importance of social skills in the labor market
Securing a new job  


Reading material

16 week Curriculum & list of Business skills
Up-Skill modules
PDF File
Pre-Employment learning manual-12
Training classes- detail ...12/2021
PDF File
SoftSkils-Game Changing Competencies for your Tool Kit ... edX Team PDF File
Good program overview
List of all FLIP learning images
PDF File
Overview of Corporate America PDF File
Building Thinking Routines ... Project Zero, Harvard Ed. School PDF File
Creating Question process ... team building their own questions PDF File


Separate Learning modules ... Portfolio PDF File
Learning to design various business plans PDF File
Entering the work force for young adults: HTML File







































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