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Types of Team Building activities - a review - Purple Monster



Our Purpose Statement

Building Community
  •   Make new connections with people with whom you would otherwise not likely interact

  •   Opportunities to create lasting relationships (coaches, mentors, etc.)

  • Share a positive experience with others in the community

  •    Understand the value of, and respect due, every person in society and the contributions   each can make


Learn Teamwork and Important Life Skills
  •  Explore what is required for an effective team

  •  Learn how teams collaborate to work together to achieve a goal or outcome

  •  Foster and practice creative thinking and critical thinking skills

  •  Time management, scheduling, planning, and accountability

  •  Listening and communicating effectively


Learn Practical Problem-Solving Skills
  •  Learn how engineers approach complex problems

  •  Practice common steps and useful tools within a problem-solving framework

  •  Gain exposure to analysis, design, testing, and communicating results

  •  Knowing when and how to seek out new knowledge and apply it

  •  Making an effective argument/pitch for action (business plan, grant, proposal, etc.)
Have Fun Through Experiential Learning
  •  Everything is pursued with an underlying intention to make a positive impact in the world around you – perhaps locally first – and with passion

  •  Teammates have fun along the way by keeping the forum light and supportive

  •  Learn something new about domains related to the problem of interest being addressed

Focus on your customers   Think like an owner in all you do. Focus on your customers and what their needs are.