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Young Adults: 

Types of Team Building activities - a review - Purple Monster




Learning about ourselves and building relationships with others

Welcome: Introduction discussion and sharing our thoughts with our learning buddy; What do I want to get out of this course?

These exercises are to make you a better employee and citizen of your community.  We hope that you see the joy and benefits of learning and become a life-long learner. ... Project Academy

What do I have to give to be success? Building my Brand,  Honest dialogue about yourself, Strength, Goals, What is a goal?
Using Peer Learning techniques to develop relationship and learning.

• Developing questions

• Honest dialogue

• Learning to create tutorials for others. What’s are the sections you created for the tutorial?

  • Ice Breaker 

Getting to know each other; Open communication with others; Honesty, trust, critical thinking, empathy for others, listening and learning to compromise.

  Read & Review  
2/2/2022 Learning Targets Represent Clear, Manageable Goals
  Studying Skills Teaching model 5E
8/14/2022 Lesson Plan for this section  
Overview of the learning that will take place in this section









Discuss the following three activities:  



Discuss this web page
What are we trying to do here?
Discuss our roles-Peer Learning










View web documents
Pick your buddy coach
Discuss the changes in education (Learning)










Practice the learning
Reflect what we have done
Did we achieve our outcomes?











About ourselves: (Discuss with your partner)


Your strengths & Attitude



Confidence in your outlook

Social & Emotional learning

Valuing yourself

Assessment & Reflection…   What did we learn about ourselves ; Setting up our goals for the program


Begin Branding Yourself

Social Justice & Community


Success is in small steps

Relationship Skills

Discuss your strengths that we can build on.  What is my positive attitude?



Training for your strengths and Attitude 
































































 Process Flow Map


Working with your learning buddy



Introduction Begin to understand the elements of your connection to others & Peer-Learning
Peer Learning Creating written descriptions of a few life-skills; Review and discuss some of your attitudes about your life.  Think about yourself
About You Building my brand-Who am I?

Focus on What's Right With Students, Not What's Wrong, to Promote Wellbeing.

Ice-Breaker Getting to know the larger team
Reflection What did we learn, how can we improve?





Learning Strategies:

It is important to give learners the time and opportunity to talk about thinking processes, to make their own thought processes more explicit, to reflect on their strategies and thus gain more self-control. Acquiring and using meta-cognitive skills has emerged as a power idea for promoting a thinking skills curriculum … Carol McGuinness (1999) Create your thinking strategies

 • Look to make your approach more efficient.

 • Look at issues from a system view with inputs, outputs, processes and feedback.

• Think of strategies in “gathering, organizing, analyzing and making conclusions.

• Break problems into small chunks and study them well.

• Begin with the things that are simplest to understand and move to the more complex. • Never to accept anything as true that you do not clearly know.

• Be complete in both your work and reviews that nothing is omitted.


Descartes, Discourse on Methods


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