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Types of Team Building activities - a review - Purple Monster





  Learning Targets Represent Clear, Manageable Goals
  Studying Skills Teaching model 5E
  Lesson Plan for this section  








What problem does the group want to work on?

AI Discussion ... Discuss

  • Consider areas of common interest and passions within your group - this can coalesce around your mission
  • It be a big problem, but you can focus on a smaller area to make a more practical and immediate impact
  • Be creative on enlisting supports
  • There is no wrong answer - work on a problem that inspires you!
Thoughtful discussion ideas  web site -Kialo,com Five Keys for Great Meetings, Part 3: Problem Solving´╗┐ - Jeff Nischwitz Review and select a problem


One environmental solution using old plastics (YouTube) /  Paper(PDF)



Global Drivers: 


Possible choices
  • Politicians working cooperatively
  • Drug problem in the USA/ Our Community
  • Creating a Community Culture
  • Hunger in the world/ our neighborhood?
  • Has technology been a benefit to society?
  • Future of work?
Step 1
Discuss your potential problem.  How are we going to find the root cause?

Identify the need or problem


  • Compare / Contrast is used to show similarities and differences
  • Decision process
  • Drawing Conclusions
Image result for picking a problem Do research to answer your questions about the potential problem Research
  • Classification
  • Sequencing
  • Critical Thinking
  • Compare / Contrast
  • Root Cause Analysis
Step 2 Team discussion ...



  • Be creative in your thinking.
  • Are there issues in picking the problem?


  • How are we going to organize doing this process?
  • What's the important issues in the community?
  • How will we do this?


Step 3 Can Root Cause Analysis Improve Policies and Procedures | PDCflow Blog Use tools to evaluate the root cause  Problem Framing,

Look for many options to reframe the problem.  Its like doing a brain-storming for the problem vs. the solution.


Picking a Topic
Fishbone Diagram
The 5 Whys


Step 4 Final one is selected to work on Does it need to be broken into its parts?
Step 5 Create the requirements for judging you final solution Requirement




Additional Information:





a) Picking a project ...  b)  Requirements & Measurements


Flip Problem framing, Design

Framing the problem Requirement
5 Whys Root Cause analysis