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Have a question or comment?        Introduction to Young Adult Learning


Types of Team Building activities - a review - Purple Monster



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Discuss the following three activities:



Discuss this web  page
What are we trying to do here?
Work together to answer the question for each session
Discuss our roles









Follow the steps below
Step 1 mindset question
Step 2 Peer learning question
Step 3 Working together, Web items question










Practice the learning
Retrieve & Reflect what we have done
Did we achieve our outcomes?


Question: How are you going to incorporate these learning items (mindsets) & thinking skills into your life?  See Questions
Step 1


Baseline of your learning below:


Beginning discussion of the training:


Discussion of the life-skills and tools to be successful in life.

 Thinking Skills

Student ownership of their learning


History of changes in learning


Meta-Cognition how we learn

Use the following questions in studing Personal growth  

1.       Describe How do you relate or not to this item?

2.    What makes this item useful with getting to know others?

3.    How is this item like me?

4.     How would I describe myself using this description?

5.    What are my strengths?

Which learning document is important for your personal growth?

Step 2 Discuss Learning targets for today's lessons Introduction discussion, getting to know each other, group rules, culture of the organization, physical appearance, time management,   

Learning document from the web ...View & Discuss

Goal setting


Interpersonal Skills

Non-verbal communication





































































Does our learning fit this saying?

Tell me and I forget; Teach me and I remember; Involve me and I learn,