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Types of Team Building activities - a review - Purple Monster



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Personal Branding: More Than an Elevator Speech - Business 2 Community


5 Personal Branding Tips for Every Marketer | Inc.com


















     Discuss the following three activities:



Discuss this web  page
What are we trying to do here?
Discuss Branding 










Follow the steps
Search the web for discuss on Branding
Watch the video
Create your goal, details about you




Reflect what we have done
Are you pleased about your discription?
Will someone understand your write-up?
















Have Fun in doing this


Learning Style

Howard Gardner "theory of multiple intelligences,"  argues that human beings have evolved to be able to carry out at least seven separate forms of analysis:

Where do you fit in?

What AI recommends ... Read and discuss







  1. Linguistic intelligence (as in a poet);
  2. Logical-mathematical intelligence (as in a scientist)
  3. Musical intelligence (as in a composer);
  4. Spatial intelligence (as in a sculptor or airplane pilot);
  5. Bodily kinesthetic intelligence (as in an athlete or dancer);
  6. Interpersonal intelligence (as in a salesman or teacher);
  7. Intrapersonal intelligence (exhibited by individuals with accurate views of themselves).



Focus on your strengths and goals



This is for you to think about yourself and how people will see you (It's like creating your brand).

Recognize that we are all different but as human beings their is some good in each of us.

The need for Personal Branding


Branding Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwMjvZfH3H4 


Fill out worksheet


Think about Your Brand is a living document.  It should change as you do.
Example Bill Wolfson's brand statement PDF
Question:  Why are you satisfied with your Brand Statement?
Extra   On-line survey of your skills