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 Company  Project Academy, inc.
Main contact, email William Wolfson; billw@projectacademy.org
  web site  www.projectacademy.org    

Beta web site


The mission of The Project Academy is to advance the development in spirit and mind of students drawn from diverse cultural and social backgrounds and to inspire in them a commitment to the best self in the community, education and business world.

To create a cultural system in our organization that supports the community.

To be a leader in learning systems around skill training.

To help make our students  successful in life.  



Howard Gardner: Becoming a whole person

Our purpose is to see the value in a class of young adults and move them to the next level for integration into societal and business organizations 

Our purpose is to make our community a better place for us being there. 

Vision/ Goal 


Achieve >90% acceptance rate in two years by our team members into the corporate world

Be recognized as a world class pre-employment training organization in 5 years

Be seen as an important community resource in 5 years


Objective & Scope:  End Results


The objective of this program is to create a holistic learning environment that includes the needs of the community & businesses as well as the individual for a successful long-term employment.

Our approach is to use project based learning while infusing life skills and mind-set thinking. The student will be a partner in the learning process.


The scope will focus on training skills and mind-set thinking that provides success in multiple industry sectors.  We aim to create a new category of a technician of the mind; Who thinks like an owner and evaluates situation using question to open up new avenues of learning.

 Typical letter Letter-1(Word); Letter(PDF)

Letter-2 (word); Letter(PDF)

Email (Word);   Email (PDF)

Overview description (Word)PDF

PDF description -04,1  

Provide a short, concise pitch of your solution

 PDF description -1.1

 Describe the core components/features of your approach/solution.



PDF description -2.0

Describe how core features of your solution apply to the "Areas of Interest" listed above
PDF description -3.2

How is your approach to the problem unique?

PDF description - 4.1

 Describe how your solution serves retail and/or adjacent sectors. If it doesn’t, explain how it could our solution is perfect for retail work.

PDF description -5.2.1

What are your key measures of success? What are the metrics you can share with us to demonstrate the viability of your solution?

PDF description -6.1  Who are your competitors or peers?
PDF description -7.1 Who is on your team? What is your team capacity? Why this team, and why now
PDF description -8.3 List and describe any key partners
PDF description -9.1.1 Describe they key ways you can help Project Academy
PowerPoint Presentation 9/25/2019
Walmart submittal Walton Family Foundation Innovative Schools Program 2020 Pre-Application  12/2/2019
New Pre-employment PP 11/27/2019





Tools/ Support Doc:

Link Process flow, skills, classes(4 months)
Link Project Academy flyer- overview
Link Flow diagram of our process
Link Flow diagram of team process
Link Skills from con-over
Link Project Academy core culture
Link Ownership mind-set
Link Cultural engineering mind-set
Link Pre-employment apprenticeship program

Actionable advice for parents and teachers—CharacterLab

Link life-skills-Macmillan-10232019
Link Problem based learning
Link Dr Deming's 14 points
Link Agenda by Mike Hammer
Culture File   Developing a team culture (Values, Norms )
Team File   How to build a group of people into a team
 Who we are File  Conversation between us
Mapping File   Information gathering plus how they are connected
Link Tasks prior to starting the program
Web sites with details of the process
Project based learning open-mindness Questions

Interesting web sites;

Learning life skills & having fun


The art or act of improvising, or of  composing, uttering, executing, or arranging  anything without previous preparation:



Training documents
Training overview
Enthusiasm & Attitude
Listening, Hearing
Hard-Knocks in life
Networking, Social media Email, Text
Goal setting
Question strategy


Great web resources
Community building skills
TED talk Ken Robinson
TED talk Benefits of self-directed learning ... Motivation
TED talk Carol Dweck     ...Your Mindset
New Tech Network At New Tech Network, our partnerships with schools drive everything we do. Together we are transforming teaching and learning around the country.  

It is the policy of Project Academy not to discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, national origin, color, homelessness, sexual orientation, gender identity, age or disability in its education programs, services, activities, or employment practices.