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Available courses

All courses design with the Engineering mindset (Thought process)...

A way of thinking that combines the problem solving/design process with the culture of life-skills that fosters dealing with others in a team manner. It provides the culture, language, tools and values of engineering without the high level of math & science (Content Knowledge).
General framework of the mini-series


Course Description (outcomes)

Drop-outs, Older Citizens


Soft skill is a sociological term for an individual’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and non-technical skills in the work environment. It can be broadly defined as personal attributes that enhance an individual’s interactions, job and career prospects


Thinking Technicians ... Developing people for the new economy

Provide Life-skills that support getting and holding a career. Provide the “Engineering Mind-set” skills that support most job/ career activities and work readiness skills.

Support people who are at their mid-career and need to find another position.


  • Branding your self

  • Ownership mindset... Your customers needs

  • What questions do you have of ...




Pre-Employment Program
Pre-Employment classes: ... 12 week class description below: 

8 Hr/day 5 days/week, Holistic approach


We build a core foundation for students to be successful by using a unique approach of mindset thinking:

  • Owners mindset (think & act like an owner)

  • Cultural engineering mindset

  • Growth mindset


 Connect with the local industry & community organizations.



High-School projects, Extra Credit activities-Capstone Project for student to solve community problems while learning life skill (College & Career Readiness Skills)



The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) opened up new possibilities for how student and school success are defined and supported in American public education. States have greater responsibility for designing and building their assessment and accountability systems. The law also broadens the concept of student learning,

requiring that assessments measure “higher-order thinking skills and understanding.” It explicitly allows the use of multiple assessments including “portfolios, projects, or extended-performance tasks” as part of state systems. States are also invited to apply for an innovative assessment pilot to develop new approaches to assessment and gradually scale them up statewide.

This follows the AP Capstone concept.



Behind the Organization ... Full year program

Combines the following:

  • Solving World Problems
  • Business Process
  • Thinking Skills
  • Design Process
  • Personal Financial


Much of the program is dedicated to learning life skills and be able to understand and create business and societal processes to support new business development and operations.




Other Opportunities

Senior citizen groups that would then collaborate with student teams
Follow-on extensions
Secret Sauce

Solving World/Society/Education Problems Learning skills Life-long learner

Problem solving financial literacy
Self-control/Values Collaboration
Process methods Character traits
planning Time management
Study skills Stretch goals/ Risk taking
Thinking skills Continuous improvement
Entrepreneurship Innovation
Decision making Learning from failure





Business processes:



Design Process:


  • Framing the problem, finding the gap
  • Research ... process
  • Developing lots of ideas, divergent view
  • Critical view, converge the ideas
  • Developing a paper solutions/ sketching
  • Review and test ...  providing feedback
  • Innovation/ entrepreneurship
  • Decision Making 



Thinking Skills:



Life skills:


  Listening skills, empathy
  Work skills, Process management, Planning
  Work ethic and professionalism
  Dialogue/team … 6 hats, how to create dialogue    and not shouting matches
  Respectful dealing with others ( Professionalism )
  Executive functions, character development
  Self/Social awareness, relationships,  
  Mapping skills and drawing
  Decision making 
  Balance of life ( Play/Work/Health)
  Problem solving
  Presentation skills



·       Put aside 10% of your earnings

·       Control expenditures

·       Make the saving multiple

·       Guard the saving

·       Insure a future income







Personal financial literacy:
  • Become a critical consumer
  • Planning, Cost structure
  • Risk management
  • Income, Spending
  • Money management, Budgets
  • Planning, saving and investing, Retirement saving
  • Stocks & Bonds


Science literacy:   ... The process


  • Understand the hypothesis
  • Organize your thoughts  ... graphic organizers (webs, Venn diagrams, matrixes, concept maps )
  • Drawings, graphs, diagrams and modeling
  • Decision making
  • Research sources and checking
  • Historical vignettes
  • Thinking skills
  • Measurement and feedback


Around themes of books and history

The world is flat... Tom Friedman

The tribe  ...  Sebastian Junger

Charlottes web   by E.B. White


Short courses include:
  • Problem solving
  • Collaboration
  • Decision making
  • Thinking skills (creativity, critical thinking, questions and reflection)
  • Team work



Finding the bug

Every problem is an opportunity; The bigger the problem the bigger the opportunity.

"V. Kosla"




Learning life skills and building a project plan for a new product development


Why do I want to do this project?

·   It’s fun

·    Make lots of money

·    See if I can do it



Middle-school classes:

Creating additional after-school programs for middle-school students with a simpler learning process (“playing the whole game at a junior level”… David Perkins)


Focused on themes like Drawing, Improv, Civics, Community, Research projects, Outdoor design, Science areas



Course Outline