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Get students excited about learning (life-long learners).
Have the reasoning skills to manage in today’s society and begin to build a set of skills to use in multiple careers.
Understand that problems are opportunities.  The bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity (Vinod Khosla).
Have students better prepared for college or a career.


Values The school will provide a community based  learning environment where students will be treated with respect.

  Key values are:  respect, empathy, kindness, curiosity, innovation, persisting, flexibility, continuous learning, humor and taking responsible risk.  


Project Academy vision is that all students will develop the essential social, emotional and intellectual skills to become healthy and productive citizens. These skills will support the students to act on resolving problems and dilemmas when they occur.


 We will foster a culture that treats everyone as a partner and respects them as individuals and professionals and establishes a community that works together to improve the common good of the team.  


Projects that will be used to achieve our mission/vision statement.


Students will collaborate  using life skills to solve one of opportunities to make the world better.

Feed the World
Heal the World
Clean the World
Power the World
Respect the World
Connect the World

Example of this process(PDF)

from WPI/ Project Academy