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Documents for Pre-employment & Life-skills
PP Overview (pre-employment) (PDF}
Pre-employment plan (PDF)
Team work plan (PDF}
Self-directed learning plan (PDF}
Ownership mindset plan (PDF}
Engineering mindset plan (PDF}

How to Get Excited About Topics That Bore You


File JULY 03, 2017, HBR Magizine

Teamwork in sport presents a variety of special challenges and satisfactions. It requires an integration of talents and contributions from individual team members, which is a practical achievement, and it represents a shared pursuit, which is a moral achievement


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Paul Gaffney

St. John’s University, Department of Philosophy, 8000 Utopia Parkway, Queens, NY, 11439 USA.

Then something came along at just the right moment. Our school corporation took a leap of faith by starting a Project-Based Learning (PBL) program, a courageous move that has changed the educational landscape of our community and region. I leaped along with a group of trailblazing ninth graders and a small handful of educators hungry for change. We went all-in with an educational model that many had written off as a fad.



June 25, 2016   By Andrew Larson

5 Myths of Project-Based Learning Dissected and Debunked

Why Focus on College and Career Readiness?

Four of every 10 new college students, including half of those at two-year institutions, take remedial courses, and many employers comment on the inadequate preparation of high school graduates.


Department of Education

Management Methodologies in

Practice at UVa


  • Balance scorecard
  • Six sigma
  • Business process

Tech Writing Handbook

So, you’ve decided to write a manual. We extend our hand in hearty congratulations of the do-it-yourself moxie that led you here. Welcome to the world of technical communication!


Richard Feynman, Nobel laureate and the Richard

Chace Tolman Professor of Theoretical Physics, was

a bestselling author as well.

It's as Simple as One, Two, Three. • •

Henry Kissinger excellent paper on AI  Documents\How the Enlightenment Ends.pdf


It is the policy of Project Academy not to discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, national origin, color, homelessness, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability in its education programs, services, activities, or employment practices.