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We are a 501 (C) 3, non-profit corporation dedicated to forming self-empowered teams that incorporate life skills including but not limited to team building and project management as well as undertaking problem solving.  We have three sets of constituents:

    1.  Elder adults  to  develop creative solutions/ recommendations to solve societal problems. This will build on their existing wisdom and support making the world a better place.

     2.  Middle and high school students that would learn and develop skills that are not traditionally taught in school today, but will benefit them in future life (College & Career Readiness Skills).

     3.  Young adults that may have not completed or high school graduates that have no career direction and need to learn skills that will help them succeed in a career or additional  schooling (college and career readiness (CCR))-

Available Career Options Example- Medical Office Administrative Assistant
Pick a Career and work study plan after initial training




To these ends we provide guidance and tools that will enhance the ability to achieve the goals that each team has set





Life-Soft Skills















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Elements of our program (PDF) 






Benefits for Employers


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Example Training course -Young adults
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Benefits to all


  • Exploring your thoughts
  • Learning the skills of a Team Community & Problem Solving
  • Getting to know other participants
  • Exploring your value system
  • Learning to use thinking skill tools
  • Reporting and presenting your thoughts to others
  • Having fun
  • Bring back to your community new tools for working together




 foster Mind-set thinking in the team. 
  Students are shown how to be an owner of their own business; what’s involved with their customers, suppliers and staff. Thinking like an owner allows you to interface and understand your boss/teacher and constantly improving your skills. A connection is made between ownership and creating a learning organization.  Agile Mindset ---      Customer, teams, flexibility
 Cultural Engineering mindset thinking (CEM):
Activities around the process that cover all the details to make it successful. Its assuring that all the team are aware of items, plans are created, deliverables are met, problems solved, and the customer is informed. An analytical approach is taken and leadership / management is exercised. 
Brain Plasticity… The brain is like a muscle … Use it or lose it.


Coach mindset:...Each team member becomes a coach to another in learning the life skills necessary to be successful in business and society.  Team members are taught what it is to be a coach.


Team mindset:... To b successful you need to work and support each other.


Brand mindset:... Who are you and how do you share it with others.






Work in a team and understand the values and culture within it

·  Clearly articulate the nature of the design process & problem solving

·  See the “World” as a place of excitement and inspiration

·  Use assessment strategy and feedback as learning tools

·  Use relevant soft-skills in their life to connect with society, business & school

·  Begin the steps to become a lifelong learner

·  Have taken steps for self-control in their dealings with others

·  Understand the processes within a business and finance

·  Understand that problems are opportunities in life

·  Build on their strengths and skill sets

·  See errors as a learning point

·        Self-directed learners … Students see the benefits and joy of becoming life-long learners.



1.4 Our beliefs(tenets).

1. People will change careers equally as jobs in their life-time.

2.  Life-skills are transferable between careers/jobs

3.  Think of yourself as in your own business.  … Your boss is your customer.  Build your brand.

4.  Problems are opportunities … “the bigger the problem the bigger the opportunity”.  Vinod Khosla

5.  Use the engineering mind-set to focus on all the activities surrounding your work.

6. Most young adults have the capability and desire to do the right thing but need the correct environment to dream

7. Need to create
an environment where the students are encouraged to tinker with ideas and that problems are a learning experience, not a failure.



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