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We are a Massachusetts non-profit corporation dedicated to supporting middle & high school age students and drop outs to learn skills that will help them succeed in a career or additional schooling (college and career readiness (CCR )).

Project Academy has been designated a non-profit charitable organization under the Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3).  Donors can deduct contributions they make under IRC Section 170. The organization is classified as a public charity.


What we Honor in a Nation will be developed there ...


Tell me and I'll forget.
Show me and I'll remember.
Involve me and I'll understand
- Confucius


Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. 


Teach a man to fish, and feed him as long as the fish supply holds out. 


But create a collective (Team ) and every man will learn to feed himself for a lifetime.  (A new culture of

learning )


People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society.

Vince Lombardi



Here are the four elements that are essential for student success that the Gallup Student Poll measures:

Engagement: Students' involvement in and enthusiasm for school


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Hope: The ideas and energy students have for the future

Belonging: Feeling accepted and included as part of the school


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Social and Emotional Learning: How people learn to understand and manage emotions and establish positive relationships with others




A holistic approach will be used where students' strengths and needs are assessed; a learning environment using project based learning is established for learning college and career readiness skills (CCR ) and finally a community structure that is available  for on-going learning and support.


We focus on teaching life-skills while solving a problem working as a team. Life-skills provide the necessary foundation of a productive individual in an organization


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