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We are a Massachusetts non-profit corporation dedicated to supporting middle & high school age students and drop outs learn skills that will help them succeed in a career or additional schooling (college and career readiness (CCR )).

Project Academy has been designated a non-profit charitable organization under the Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3).  Donors can deduct contributions they make under IRC Section 170. The organization is classified as a public charity.



 Give a man a fish and feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish,  and feed him as long as the fish supply holds out.  But create a collective (Team ) and every man will learn to feed himself for a lifetime.  (A new culture of learning )


A holistic approach will be used where students' strengths and needs are assessed; a learning environment using project based learning is established for learning college and career readiness skills (CCR ) and finally a community structure that is available  for on-going learning and support.


Project Academy will foster a working environment (Culture ) that treats individuals as partners. It will establish a community of people who will work together for the common good of the team.  Classroom atmosphere will balances trust, risk-taking, originality and respect. It will be an innovation-friendly environment that embraces fast-cycle sharing, supports risk taking, and celebrates learning from failure... establishing a protective environment.  The approach of continuous improvement will be practiced through out the program.


Looking for Volunteers:

The classroom will only be one part of the learning for the students.  Students will be part of an on-line life-long learning community where they will be able to access tutorials, check lists, talk to other students, etc. 



Key learning elements:

Creating and having a strong organizational culture.
Using questioning, why, what and how are we doing activities.
Creating learning targets…How will I be successful.  measurements & feedback.
Developing a team mind-set.  (Teams build character, culture and community.) Students must have a strong commitment to the team:
  • High standards ... work effort, quality
  • Make each team member successful
Understanding brain plasticity… growth mindset.
Internalize the problem solving process.
The benefits of continuous improvement and excellence.


Integration into the Project:




What goals and milestones do we need?  Find humor in what we do.


Assessment Team

Act like a venture fund and provide forcing function to assess schedule and goals.

Learning Disciplines

How are we going to assess and incorporate within the team the learning needed for life goals?

Connections to the community

How are we going to connect for:

·        Grants

·        Businesses support

·        Community organizations

·        Educational schools


Customer Support

Development of a customer service strategy statement/plan.

Documentation Strategy

Plans, drawing, sketches to capture design.


Oscar Wilde once suggested, "Be yourself. Everyone else is taken." Roth takes a Wilde a step further, suggesting, "Be your best self and then become a better you each day."