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Psychologists Say There Are Only 5 Kinds of People in the World. Which One  Are You? | Inc.com

2 Sessions


Community (Society)  Business Foundation
Non-Verbal Communication My Appearances
Study Habits Citizenship Learning
Create our rules of how we want to be treated Game based problems
Limited/Focused Life-Skills Motivate people

1.0  Ice-Breaker


Student Engagement Discussion


  • Infuse life skills in the learning process


  • Take ownership of your learning?
  • Emmanuel Acho Lets White People Ask About Race In 'Uncomfortable  Conversations With A Black Man' | Here & Now


2 Sessions

 Ice Breaker ...   Marshmallow project (Begin our thoughts on the problem to be solved)

Brain Plasticity (Mindset)

Breaking the Ice with strengths


Your Strength Life Goals
Attitude Ownership, Our Brand
SEL (Social & Emotional Learning) Questioning  (See below)
After doing the Ice-breaker assignment, Discuss the program goals, Their thoughts and discussion.
What are the life-skills they think are important moving forward in college or career. Create a list
Have the same teams that did the ice-breaker, take the assignment to work on:
  • How are we going to mange our project by developing our assessment rules
  • How are going to work together (interpersonal)
  • How are we going to manage the classroom with the students doing the management( who, what roles, how )





2.0 Forming Teams


Syrian refugee children write a letter to the world | World Vision


3 Sessions

Forming teams and setting community values, norms

Detail instruction that students follow versus instructor lead

Flip learning page

Good review of values/character: -File

Charter (Purpose, Rules, Structure, Community authorization, Goals)  Culture ( Values, Norms, Rituals, Beliefs, Moral Compass)
Similar Teams Coaching Support
Quality Processing Measurements



3.0 Skills

Free Vector | Young people illustration concept


1 Session

Skills Introduction

Where to infuse life-Skills


 Thinking skills & Emotional skills - File

Planning/ Gannet charts Info-Mapping, Process mapping
Process Design & Simplification Community Skills
Time Management Communication Tools


4.0 Picking your Problem


Picking a Project Management Methodology – MPUG


2 Sessions

) Picking a project ...  b)  Requirements & Measurements


Flip Problem framing, Design


Framing the problem Requirement
5 Whys Root Cause analysis



4.0 Problem Solving

problem solving » Dome | Boston University


3 Sessions

Problem solving process...  Project Cards

Flip:  Problem-Solving



Divergent/ Convergent Thinking Critical Thinking
Brain Storming Creative Thinking
System Thinking Decision Making
Magical Thinking Innovation ... making things better



5.0 Testing

Why UX designers should care more about A/B Testing | by Rodrigo Maués |  Design Team Zap Viva Real | Medium


1 Session

Testing:   Testing and Reflection 

FLIP: Testing

Reflection What have we learned?
Evaluation of the Design  



6.0 Reporting

Call Center Reporting | Freshcaller Call Center Software


2 Sessions

Public reporting and feedback

FLIP:  Reporting

Elevator pitch used for Public Reporting

Presentation, Elevator Pitch Meta-Cognition
Listening Feedback to future Teams


Total 16 sessions approximately 1 hour each session 





It is our  policy not to discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, national origin, color, homelessness, sexual orientation, gender identity, age or disability in its education programs, services, activities, or employment practices.