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The idea for the FLIP learning is to review this page prior to either the classroom or on-line discussion to prepare yourself.


Testing & writing

Create the Elevator pitch

Does it make sense?



Feedback from others

Assessment & Reflection‚Ķ   Learn from our mistakes  







Description of training:  Try out ideas with others, write the elevator pitch  




Basic Outline:  Although a real simulation of the design is not possible, the team can evaluate the design using questions and out-side evaluates review the process.  Using the iterate process the team can add changes and updates.


Team members questions to themselves What do I bring to the team? 2. What are our commitments to one another? 3. What differences exist between us? 4. How will we operate? 5. How will we know we are succeeding?
Topics to Review for this section




Individual tests
Focus groups
Support System


Study Guide


Pre-view items that will be studied ( Like a physical warm up)

Get prepared for learning

  1. Identify
  2. Clarify
  3. Summarize ( In your words)
Self-Test .. Use levels of Bloom Taxonomy
Examine for this section
Prepare for success  (Review examine and learn from mistakes )






Assessing your results Good overview of problem solving 
TED Talk

10 min

The Power of Team Learning | Kaisu Tuominiemi | TEDxBarcelonaED










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