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The idea for the FLIP learning is to review this page prior to either the classroom or on-line discussion to prepare yourself.


Public dialogue/ Celebration

Engage the Community


Presentation skills


What have we learned

Assessment & Reflection‚Ķ   Learning can be fun  

Team Reflection

Info-mapping Data

Planning the next phase




Description of training: Preparing for the meeting and writing down our thoughts  





Basic Outline

Team members questions to themselves What did we learn? 2. What are our commitments to one another? 3. What differences exist between us? 4. What will we tell the next group to be watchful in this this project? 5. How will be continue our learning and communications?
Topics to Review for this section



Preparing the report & presentation
Engaging the community & family
Preparing for the presentation
Support System


Study Guide


Pre-view items that will be studied ( Like a physical warm up)

Get prepared for learning

  1. Identify
  2. Clarify
  3. Summarize ( In your words)
Self-Test .. Use levels of Bloom Taxonomy
Examine for this section
Prepare for success  (Review examine and learn from mistakes )






5 Min.

How do you define a learning organization? by Peter Senge, Author of The Fifth Discipline

2.4 min

Learning TEAMS: Why They Are Important To Your Future











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