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Preparing our student for life needs


To these ends we provide guidance and tools that will enhance the ability to achieve the goals they have set.  


The purpose of Project Academy is to serve the community by successfully preparing entry level people to be productive in the work environment & society.

We are a 501 (C) 3, non-profit corporation dedicated to forming self-empowered teams that incorporate life skills including but not limited to team building and project management as well as undertaking problem solving process. We have two sets of constituents:

     1.  Middle and high school students that would learn and develop skills that are not traditionally taught in school today, but will benefit them in their future life (College & Career Readiness Skills).

     2.  Young adults that may have not completed or high school graduates that have no career direction and need to learn skills that will help them succeed in a career or additional  schooling (college and career readiness (CCR))  

   3.People Re-entering the workforce  Update existing skills and add ownership, growth, brand mindset, Teamwork and problem solving.

Career advice from Charles Blow-June2022




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A growing real-world demand for students/workers with empathy, ownership and a talent for making other people feel at ease requires a serious shift in perspective.    



Student Student in high school or who have graduated with no career direction need life skills to enter the workplace/society.  What the world demands today are “smart creatives,” the term that Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg use to describe the kind of people Google needs to hire in their book How Google Works.. ...  Wagner, Tony; Dintersmith, Ted (2015-08-18). Most Likely to Succeed: Preparing Our Kids for the Innovation Era .


Companies Companies & communities need people who can think independently and take ownership of problems and work in a team environment.  They need to think both creatively and critically in their work.  They need to listen more and communicate more in a non-threaten way. What leaders are looking for...


Learning   Outcome



We aim to create a new category of a worker-  “Technician of the mind”.  Who thinks like an owner and evaluates situations using questions to learn new ways of understanding.


“the bigger the problem the bigger the opportunity”. Vinod Khosla 

Course Content


Infuse life-skills and productive foundational skills.


Project based learning… Create a team and solve problems

      Learning about self (Your Brand)

      Team Creation

      Foundational tool usage

      Problem Selection

      Problem Solving

      Review & Re-design




Program delivery method



  • ·        10-16-week curriculum, or After school

  • ·        Student ownership of their learning (Peer learning)

  • ·        Web based learning

  • ·        Teamwork and problem solving

  • ·        Skills infusion

  • ·        Separate Process Modules  


Major Skills

Trust, Respect, Empathy, Listening, Independence, Collaboration, Kindness, Taking Risks, Boldness, Creativity, Learning attitude, Work ethics, Communications skills, Decision making, Time management



·        Interpersonal skills, Life Skills, Goal setting

·        Communication skills, Listening, Trust, Honesty

·        Thinking skills, Curiosity, Critical thinking

·        Problem solving skills

·        Teamwork

·        Process & Planning skills, Time management

·        Social & Emotional learning




The program focuses on teaching life-skills to create a well-rounded individual who will fit into the work& society environments.


It uses the concept of mindset thinking around the following:

·        Ownership mindset ... Think like an owner

·        Cultural Engineering mindset ... Provide questioning & management of a   project

·        Growth mindset...Your brain is like a muscle, use it or lose it

·        Team mindset ... To be successful. need to work together

·         Brand mindset ... Who are you and how to show the world 

·         Life skills … Students become cognitively aware of their life skills while doing activities

·         Rethinking mindset... We need to re-think in a rapid changing world.

Attitude and Aptitude

·          Create a positive mindset

·          Confidence




A process-centric organization doesn’t worry a lot about skills and experience. Instead, it takes the approach “draft the athlete, teach the game.” In other words, hiring for attitude and aptitude becomes the strategic approach to finding the right individuals for an organization. The mechanics of the various jobs can be taught easily


Benefits to all


  • Exploring your thoughts, Learning about yourself. 

  • Learning the skills of a Team Community & Problem Solving

  • Getting to know other participants

  • Exploring your value system, and learning skills 

  • Learning to use thinking skill tools

  • Reporting and presenting your thoughts to others

  • Having fun

  • Bring back to your community new tools for working together




















































































































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