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The Ice-Breaker's intent is for the group to get to know each other


Video Introduction



We need to do the following steps:

Step 1 This is for you to think about yourself and how people will see you (It's like creating your brand).

Recognize that we are all different but   as human beings their is some good in each of us.




Fill out worksheet

1.0  Take charge of your learning


week 1

 Encouraging students to take charge of their learning

Ice Breaker ...   Marshmallow project (Begin our thoughts on the problem to be solved)

Brain Plasticity (Mindset)

Community (Society)  Business Foundation
Non-Verbal Communication My Appearances
Study Habits  
Step 2 Getting to know each other:  Before we begin to form our team, we need to get to know each other.  We need to tell our story:

Introduce yourself and discuss your opinion of the video.  What did you like/ dislike about the video?

Use the information that you created in step 1

Some other questions to use

  • What excites you about your about your retirement?
  • What organizations do you support that helps society get better and why?
  • How has societies problems affected you?


Video-Ray Dalio


Review & Discuss

The 10 Best Icebreakers for Adults (Tried & Tested)




 2.0 Your strengths & Attitude


week 2


Valuing yourself, attitude, confidence, Social & Emotional learning, your goals

FLIP     About You 

Your Strength Life Goals
Attitude Ownership, Our Brand
SEL (Social & Emotional Learning) Questioning  (See below)
Step 3  In discussion with the group, decide what role you would like to play in this process Worksheet-houskeeping