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Doing a program:  
We are a Massachusetts 501( C ) 3 non-profit corporation dedicated to supporting students,


 dropouts and other workers to learn skills that will help them succeed in a career or additional


schooling (college and career readiness (CCR ))


Begin the process of re-entering the work-force



General Tenants 

1.    We will change careers equally as jobs.

2.    Life-skills are transferable between careers/jobs

3.    Think of yourself as in your own business.  … Your boss is your customer.

4.    Problems are opportunities … the bigger the problem the bigger the opportunity.  Vinod Khosla

5.    Use the engineering mind-set to focus on all the activities around your normal position.

6.     Learn from your errors … They are learning tools

7.    Be a lifelong learner … Have fun at it.


Proposed Outline of this program


 1. Do an ice-breaker to get to know your team mates, Discuss Brain Plasticity

 2. Begin the team process, Define the team's culture

 3 What skills are companies looking for?

 4. What is ownership mind set?

 5.Discuss and begin to build your brand, What skills do I need? 

 6. Build a business concept as a team with an ownership mind set (learning problem-solving skills)

 7. What company did we create and what skills are included, Did we use the thoughts of the Cultural Engineering Mindset?

 8. Create elevator pitch

 9. Set-up your networking and job finding process

 10. Reflex and integrate what you have done, Celebrate 

Class schedule and timing:





Working as a team  See Web page
Ownership Mindset Students are shown how to be an owner of their own business; what’s involved with their customers, suppliers and staff.  Thinking like an owner allows you to interface and understand your boss and constantly improving your skills.
Company Needs Open
Branding Video


Uniqueness of our program Open
The bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity” (Vinod Khosla). Open
Project Academy Culture Open



5 step process for life
New-direction, slides
Be open minded
process-based central structure
Process guide for skills



Northeastern University

From our experiences in business & education, we have created a curriculum that sifted out the manual part of work and created thinking employees with unique mindset thinking and life-skills to be productive in your organization.  These are the people that AI will be difficult to replace.






 Branding Mindset  File  Why you are unique
Elevator Pitch File    Short presentation of key items that you did
Mapping our thoughts File   Information gathering plus how they are connected
Customer and process The Agenda, Mike Hammer
Thoughts of an organization Dr. Deming   14 points
Life-Skills that you bring to the Job File
Cultural Engineering Mindset File
Character values File  Review of the soft skills & character development

Interesting web sites;

TED talk Ken Robinson
TED talk Benefits of self-directed learning ... Motivation
TED talk Carol Dweck     ...Your Mindset

It is the policy of Project Academy not to discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, national origin, color, homelessness, sexual orientation, gender identity, age or disability in its education programs, services, activities, or employment practices.