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School Opening Project


Project Proposal:

Have a team of High School Students look at the issues facing our School System in re-opening and develop proposal to help make it easier for the community.

The  teams would proposed their recommendation to the School Board




About Us.

  Project Academy provides support to middle-school; high school students and people who are re-entering the work force of learning life-skills for college or career entry.  We also offer after-school and pre-employment programs that build community and company value.


We are a Massachusetts 501( C ) 3 non-profit corporation dedicated to supporting drop-outs and HS graduates that have no career direction to learn skills that will help them succeed in a career or additional schooling (college and career readiness (CCR ))


Every problem is an opportunity; The bigger the problem the bigger the opportunity.

"V. Kosla"  see YouTube video    This is the foundation of Entrepreneurship

Opening Schools-082020 planning





Items that need to be evaluated






·       Extra Air

·       Security Cameras

·       Like an airplane

·       Parents @ bus stop



Get Students safely to school






·       Tents--- outside classes


  • Air Flow in Buildings



·       Use of Activity centers


Provide Space for Social Distancing and Fresh



Face Masts Face masks worn by all in school/bus...   Take break to go


outside to take mask off




Self-study ... free-


up teachers time


Small learning




Benefits that gets students to be self-directed learners 

  • Project Base Learning

  • Ownership of their learning

  • On-line Tools




Extra Teachers


Who are teacher aids? Talk to teachers’ unions


Student Mentors



Food Service



Food preparation and Distribution




The Virus


 enters the




Create plan for what to do when Covid strikes a


teacher/student at the school



Day Care to






 Activity Centers, Community Centers





Project Process


Flow Chart













Speak to community leadership , parents, teachers, School Admin

Community colleges, local colleges






Leaning Team,




Develop charter, Culture to work together









Have more than one team working on the problem.  Praise for the best solution