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The idea for the FLIP learning is to review this page prior to either the classroom or on-line discussion to prepare yourself.


Step 1: Discuss with each other:


What do these items mean and how do they relate to you ?
Your Strength Life Goals
Attitude Ownership, your Brand
SEL social & emotional learning Questioning Questioning
Addition items to discuss

Your strengths & Attitude

Confidence in your outlook

Social & Emotional learning

Assessment & Reflection‚Ķ   What did we learn about ourselves ; Setting up our goals for the program

Begin Branding Yourself

Social Justice & Community

Success is in small steps

Relationship Skills

Discuss your strengths that we can build on.  Look at 10 step assessments of a positive attitude  

Step 2: Reading items  
Attitude / Outlook
How to keep a positive attitude  in life Learning to control your attitude
Valuing yourself 10 steps to self-confidence
Book-confidence building Handling difficult people
Keep a positive attitude
Assessment & Rubrics
Improve self-regulation



Studding with your Learning Buddy

Support System





Step 3:  Watch the videos:



5 Min.

How do you define a learning organization? by Peter Senge, Author of The Fifth Discipline

Work on your Strength









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