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Basic Outline   These are the thinking and studying tools used in all aspects of this learning.

Questions (Items to be Studied)  
Topics to Review
Assessment & Rubrics
Goals, Measurement. Study Skills, Time Management 



Communication-training,          Business-communications
Drawing-exercise                    Examples
Balanced scorecard Process management
Workflow Diagram Info-mapping
Technical- Document creation Building-self-confidence
Improv Gantt Chart
Project management thoughts Planning & Scheduling
6-sigma Your Strength
Goal Setting  
Mapping File   Information gathering plus how they are connected
Support System Helping each other

Coaching Support

Bloom Taxonomy

Study Guide


Pre-view items that will be studied ( Like a physical warm up)

Get prepared

Read/Take Notes ( Cornell Method)... Synthesize, Lecture & Reading Notes
  1. Identify
  2. Clarify
  3. Summarize ( In your words)
Self-Test .. Use levels of Bloom Taxonomy
Prepare for success  (Review examine and learn from mistakes )









3.5 min

Creating a Professional Learning Community at Work: Foundational Concepts and Practices

5 Min.

How do you define a learning organization? by Peter Senge, Author of The Fifth Discipline