Create an after-school academy that provides an interdisciplinary project based learning for after-school students  (high school, home school and drop outs )

Provide the essential life skills not generally taught in high schoolsproblem solving, thinking skills, collaboration, process methods, communication with others, continuous improvement, quality processing, risk taking, learning from failure,  values, character development 







Elevator Speech:

Present education leaves students bored, not engaged in learning and finding it difficult to manage the complexities of life relating to the interface of society, schools and business.   Our after-school program will provide a fun environment around interdisciplinary project based learning for charter, public high school, home school and drop outs.   We will provide the missing skills like problem solving, creative and critical thinking, questioning, character development and society values needed in today’s environment.  Assessment will be by the skills and innovative approaches in problem solving and involvement of the community


 Our mission is to get students excited about learning and have the skills to manage in today’s society


Uniqueness of the program:


         Teachers do development/ assessment and research on learning

         Organization structure is non-silo based

         Students do their own assessment on how to judge projects and their learning

         Focus on students strengths

         Learning by developing solutions to real issues verses a scripted approach

         Focus on stretched goals/objectives

         A culture of support for the students



Basic Documents
PowerPoint (PDF) Overview (PDF) Syllabus (PDF)
Business plan (PDF)  Mission_values_examples(PDF)  

Business Partners

Organization Description



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