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 The Process of creating a Family-Charter

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Creating a Family Charter


Purpose:  To create a working document that lays out the important relationship commitments between the members of a family.  It is to be used as a guideline for family members to continue to build their relationships and manage commitments that were agreed upon or need to be enhanced.

Includes the creation of a family cultural statement that defines the following:

Norms to operate by Values we believe in Goal to live by
Language: how we communicate Rituals that we practice Our vision


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Family Decision process:
Purpose: to create a family document that sets the ground rules and process
for making  a family decision.  This teaches the family members what they have to 
consider in deciding the outcome of a problem situation.



Overview This is for a Beta-Program to evaluate and update the process The program will be 7 hours( 5 for the classes plus  2 hours feedback and follow-up)


Class 1 Introduction, get to know each other and What do you want to get out of this program? 

How the Decision making process works

Class 2    Question 1 The first question pertains to how each family member wants to feel at home.

Possible items:  Respected, Trusted, Listened too, Loved, believed, ---


Class 3     Question 2 The second question focuses on what everyone needs to do in order to have these feelings consistently

Possible items: Do what you committed to, Follow up, Show respect ---


Class 4    Question 3 The third question centers on ways each family member can both prevent and manage uncomfortable feelings and conflict.


Possible items: Active listening (e.g., maintaining direct eye contact, showing interest by smiling, nodding, leaning in closer, asking open-ended questions) is critical to the success of this activity, Staying calm, Don't be angry ---


Class 5    Present charter process to group & Share experiences. 


Working together





Feedback & Follow-up Two one hour sessions about a month apart.

Feedback on making the program better

How are things going?  Help

Charter elements
Purpose Authority
Covenant Goals



Reference material from ei.yale.edu


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