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Creating a neighborhood community... In Year 2023 Canton, MA 02021  https://www.town.canton.ma.us/
 Getting to a "WE versus I" Community billdwolfson@gmail.com



Vision Statement:(AI gen)
 We envision a strong and connected community in Canton, where individuals come together to support one another and work towards common goals. Our community is characterized by open communication, collaboration, and mutual respect, and we celebrate the diversity of our members. By working together, we create a vibrant and thriving environment for everyone to grow and succeed.
Mission Statement: (AI gen)
 Our mission is to foster a sense of belonging and connection among the residents of Canton, MA, and to promote the development of life skills that enable effective communication and teamwork. Through regular community events, volunteer opportunities, and skill-building workshops, we aim to bring people together and provide opportunities for personal and collective growth. By creating a welcoming and inclusive space, we hope to inspire collaboration and cooperation among members, and to build a stronger and more resilient community for all.
Proposed Outline of this program

Build a Purpose, Goals & culture within a smaill team that then spreads it across the whole group.

Examples of a  cultural Statement:

·         Honors all of our citizens

·    Shows loving kindness to all-   be kind and considerate

·    Builds and welcomes a community that watches out for its members

·    Solves its problems by finding the root cause.

·    Listens to each other and does not talk with HATE.

·    Shared responsibility & love of country

·    Has moral responsibility to its citizens.    

·    Has a set of values, rituals and norms that benefit the community.

·   Looks for the things we share versus the disagreements


Goal: Build a community within Canton, MA that will provide the following:

  • ·          Safe Community 

  • ·       Informed Community   

  • ·       Civically-Engaged Community

  • ·       Inclusive Community

  • ·       Supportive Communities

  • ·       Connected and Joyous Community

  •          Know our neighbors

  •          Good Dialogue ...  How?

  •          Family activities  ... Family Charters?

  •        We versus I culture

  •         Education

  •        Create an Industry approach to create jobs

  •         Use Balance scorecard measurement system


 What culture do we want to have in our community?

AI-Getting to a WE Community


Encourage the creation and appreciation of

literature, poetry, music, and visual arts that

reflect Canton's moral development, virtue,

and social responsibility.


Building a local Business Venture theme built around Innovation, Entrepreneurship and the local community Needs.





Norms to operate by Values we believe in Goal to live by
Language: how we communicate Rituals that we practice Our vision
Interpersonal skills What Bugs Me  
We need to get together and create; “what our community needs are” and “how we will work together to achieve those items”.
Many articles prepared by CHATgpt  
Form a small group to build a plan...

 Need some risk-takers  ... Plan our entry to the community

Looking for others to pull together this vision

email Bill Wolfson billdwolfson@gmail.com

Creating a Regional Innovation Community around Canton, MA
 First Steps,,, Building a plan
 Community learning plan/ outcomes  


Example: Spiritual Renaissance


Work in process

Community Training … Create “Canton


  •  Create a community wide news letter

  • Develop our Vision, Charter and Operating principles

  • What are the values we want in our community

  • Create a community wide program for our children on financial literacy

Brochure Sec1, Sec 2, Sec 3, Sec 4,
Build Measurements into the community PDF-Balanced Scorecard
 Power Point Overview PDF-updated
 Basic write-up for stating  PDF updated
MA, Economic Zones Web-Site
Mentoring-program-doc. PDF-Doc
Community-Tool box Web-Site
Character, morality, and ethics  
Help reduce Loneliness & Suicide Web-Page,    AI-discussion

What do we want to say about our district?
County: Norfolk

Canton Demographics Summary-2021


With 24,122 people, Canton is the 83rd most populated city in the state of Massachusetts out of 351 cities. But watch out, Canton, because Hingham with 24,061 people and Acton with 23,899 people are right behind you.

Race & Ethnicity

The largest Canton racial/ethnic groups are White (75.8%) followed by Black (9.2%) and Asian (7.4%).


Median Income

In 2021, the median household income of Canton households was $118,814. Canton households made slightly more than Westborough households ($118,185) and Plympton households ($118,098) . However, 2.3% of Canton families live in poverty.

Median Age

The median age for Canton residents is 43.2 years young.



Bill Wolfson

(Cell) 508-380-3747

439 Del Pond Drive


Canton, MA




It is our  policy not to discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, national origin, color, homelessness, sexual orientation, gender identity, age or disability in its education programs, services, activities, or employment practices.