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Discussion Project



About Us.

We are a 501 (C) 3, non-profit corporation dedicated to forming self-empowered teams that improve life skills including but not limited to team building and project management as well as undertaking problem solving.  We have three sets of constituents:

     1.  Middle and high school students that would learn and develop skills that are not traditionally taught in school today, but will benefit them in future life.

     2.  Young adults that may be drop outs or high school graduates that have no career direction and need to learn skills that will help them succeed in a career or additional  schooling (college and career readiness (CCR))

     3.  Adults wishing to  develop creative solutions/ recommendations to solve societal problems.

To these ends we provide guidance and tools that will enhance the ability to achieve the goals that each team has set

Project Proposal ( Customer for this is the Event Manager/ and Adults at a senior housing development):

Getting an on-line group ( about 6-10) people together to discuss, play and develop solutions to current issues facing society.  The group will form a team, Make all the decisions in  creating a charter and culture statement to work together.  The team will pick a problem, develop solutions and report back to society. 

The goal of the team members are to help improve society (Making society a little better than we found it ), have fun and the team members to grow as individuals.

Benefits to the participant  Our Uniqueness
Project Academy's Culture statement  

 Process Flow... Provide guidelines to team members




 Overview process


 Following the process listed below starting with Ice-breaker


Open the pink box worksheets for helpful hints (PDF)


These are general guidelines to help you navigate the specific process step.


Your group makes its own decisions on how you do each step in the process.








Video-Ray Dalio

Getting to know each other:  Before we begin to form our


team, we need to get to know each other.  We need to tell our story:

Introduce yourself and discuss your opinion of the video


Other Questions

  • What excites you about your profession?
  • What organizations do you support that helps society get better and why?
  • How has societies problems affected you?

Questions used

in  discussion



Thinking skills
Group Reflections

Questions are at the heart of the learning process. A good question gets dialogue going and uncovers new thoughts. 




What is the intent of the article?
What areas do we need to explore?
  • A good way to start is by using the 5 W’s (Who, When,
    Where, What, Why) plus How in a question format



Fishbone Diagram 
The 5 Whys
Problem Framing,




We need tools to achieve our goals in the next portions of the project.

  • Review them and discuss where they might be helpful and how you would use them

  • Scared skills play a major role in how we operate as a team and do this project.

Scared Skills... What are our values 

Forming the Team



Worksheet teams
Sports comparison
Ownership mindset



Teamwork is an essential part of working together.

We are looking for motivated people to join a self-empowered, online team that meets periodically (usually weekly) and provides a challenging and stimulating experience.  The goal is to enhance teamwork and problem solving skills while developing innovative recommendations for solving problems.  We feel that in addition to being a learning experience, the process should also be fun.  "Enjoy the journey"  Team Manual


Every problem is an opportunity; The bigger the  problem the bigger the opportunity.   "V. Kosla"  see YouTube video    This is the foundation of Entrepreneurship

Guiding principle



Potential problem


 list ( World /


Community )



Picking a Topic
US / China relationship Drug problem in the USA/ Our Community
Vision for the USA-Health Care, Industry, Others Climate Change effecting People Migration
Creating a Community Culture Has technology been a benefit to society?
Hunger in the world Future of work
Thoughtful discussion ideas  web site -Kialo,com  

Requirements &






How are we going to judge our solutions?


What information do we need to design and analyze? 




Begin the
 problem solving


Who  is your customer?
What are the issues ?
Discuss and develop possible fixes


Problem worksheet
Design worksheet


Creative Thinking: Creativity improves pupils' self-esteem, motivation and achievement

* Brain storming

* Divergent thinking

* Exploring your environment & testing many options

* Stimulate curiosity

* Innovation & entrepreneurship


  •  Brain writing (Like Brain-Storming but writing )


Picking a few



Critical Thinking

* Analyzing the past

* What evidence?

* What is the author’s purpose?

* Convergent thinking

* Skepticism is a virtue




How to  Shape

Picking two or three possibilities


Shaping ( Mundane, Stretch/Bold, Magical )




 Evaluating our





Decision Process

Decision making





Test worksheet


Speak to Community leadership , Parents, Teachers,

 School Admin,  Local colleges, Business

What organizations do we want to share our results with?



Reporting the



Presents the results of your learning


Possible  format being an Elevator Pitch


Reflection-What have we learned?